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First brand - First in innovation
Dr. John Ellis, an American physician, discovered the lubricating properties of crude oil while studying the potential healing powers of petroleum. The oil he developed in 1866 worked effectively in high temperatures and was especially suitable to lubricate the large steam engines of the day. Dr. Ellis’ cylinder oil freed steam engine valves to move more easily. Eight years later he would call his lubricating oil “Valvoline.” It was the first trademark in the young petroleum industry. His breakthrough solved the problems of gummed valves, corroded cylinders and leaking seals -- setting the stage for more efficient steam power and the growth of the U.S. via the railroad and steam ships. Today, ValvolineTM lubricants,chemicals and car care products are manufactured, marketed and sold in more than 100 countries by Ashland Consumer Markets (Valvoline), a commercial unit of Ashland Inc.

The innovative edge
Ashland operates a worldwide network of laboratories that develop and test high-performance Valvoline products that go beyond specifications to give users the confidence that their vehicles will perform at their very best.

Over a century of quality
With more than 140 years of success, the Valvoline brand is recognized as a leader in product and service quality, with millions of loyal customers around the world

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Valvoline brands
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